Tuesday, January 31, 2006

so, lets get this started.

first some listings:
- Wednesday, party over here

- Thursday, party over here with Dave P. and JDH at Jacques Renault's Party, Dont Ever Change. (It's also my birthday)

- and Friday we have lift off, Dirty Down, The Captain's b-day party:
Cosmo Baker and DJ's are not rock stars (Alexander Technique and Princess Superstar) and a live performance by Drop The Lime

flyer spotted here

Scope out pictures from the last Dirty Down party here

Further internetedness:
Low Bee's got a new mix, been out for a month.go buy it.
i thought this was funny, improv movement: no pants

that's all for now, check often, updates coming at you, new mixes, mp3's, reviews, photo's, all of that son!

and remember, it's a tough world out there, keep your head's up


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