Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tour tour tour tour
Tigerbeat 6: Paws Across America Tour with Kid 606 and Drop the Lime

Day One - Chicago, IL
Tour Manager Diaries: Tigerbeat 6 Records Paws Across America Tour w/ Kid 606 and Drop The Lime
Leave NYC in the morning on U.S. Airlways, which is by the way, the worst airline to fly. we show up 2 hours early for our flight and they tell us our flight is cancelled, but they're going to reroute us through DC to go to Chicago, instead of our Pittsburgh layover. we take two shuttle planes, which are small, like 2 seats per row type of plane. our second plane smelled horrible. something Luca labeled as Old Lady Vagina Sock smell. I'm sure you get the idea. not to mention how rude the flight attendent was who asked us to push our seats up for take off like we were leaning them back to spite her, after a 30 minute wait on the run way before take off.
this flight was exciting for me, it marked the first time someone has flown me somewhere for work, or a service.

we eat at Pizza Metro and then go to Empty Bottle.
show wasnt too slamming, but Chicago has some of the best food consecutively I've had in a while. We ate at Bite beofre the show and they had amazing food and really good coffee.

show runs later than i thought and we make it to the after party me and luca are supposed to spin ten minutes before the bar closes. we hang for a minute and then go find a Mexican joint and then a Walgreens. and then we go stay with a guy named Johnny Two Eyes and I sleep on the floor of his kitchen, which is surprisingly really clean even though he has two cats.

More pics here

Day Two - Lansing , MI

The buildings in Chicago are beautiful and the weather I woke up to on Wednesday was unbelievable. it made me want to just lie down in the grass.
we get lost on our way to Atomix coffee shop trying to visit an old friend from college.

We have some good coffee and amazing sandwiches and get on the road to Lansing, for 5 or so hour drive.

We go straight to the Temple Club and we're 3 hours late for sound check but it doesnt seem to be a big deal, since there's no one there yet. The Temple Club is an old church they turned into a big venue. it's humungous. really great sound.
Show was good, a lot of raver kids who are excited about something new in their town, which is humbling and we could feel that everyone was excited. people danced and talked to us, it was good. I sell a lot of merch and take photos all night.

You want an autograph?

more pics here

next stop: Detroit. shows at The Magic Stick

check Tigerbeat6 or Drop The Lime for more info.


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