Thursday, March 29, 2007


- More pictures from Cut w/ Ellen Allien + Miss Kittin by Sharksworth

- Electric Honey Hornet Mitten

- Discobelle has the new M.I.A. + Timbaland collaboration. Is anyone as pumped as I am about this?


I've come to realize that between the bigger jobs that I occasionly have and the DJ gigs, I do some of the most random and small odds n end jobs just to make some quick bucks. It's hard living in NYC, you gotta hustle to make that extra cash or to make something big happen, or small. Let's take a look. how about you? What are some are some of the odd things you'll do to get a little extra dough?

Random things I will do for money in NYC
- Pack up and clean Brad Kahlhamer's studio space.
- Background extra for two scenes for a Joss Stone feat. Common music video
- Set up an artist in residence's apt. on 7th & A
- Model for Motorola ad
- Take care of my friends birds
- Merch guy for Kid 606 and Drop the Lime U.S. Tour
- Paint Terrence Koh's studio space
- Help move someone from Harlem to Greenpoint

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Blogger Prolly said...

-Selling shoes on ebay when I'm broke.
-Modeled a Dyson vacuum in 3ds
-Did an animation for Dyson vacuums.
-Drawing floorplans for a crazy Irish dude who always came to meetings with a 1/5th of Jameson.
-Converting .jpgs to vector images for a fabrication company.

8:01 PM, March 29, 2007  

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