Monday, June 18, 2007


passions: ugh i had way too much caffiene today
the captain: its only 3 p.m., dog
passions: well i had a full throttle and a coffee
passions: i mean that throttle was sitting in my fridge
passions: from a day ago
passions: i couldn't NOT drink it
the captain: you gotta drink it
the captain: man i love energy drinks

Passions and I are going to be in Providence, RI this Thursday.
and Northampton, MA on Friday.
We'll be all hyped up on Energy Drinks and coffee,
so come through and get crazy with us if you're in the area!

- Scheme from Palms Out has a new blog up. Attorney St. Check it out!

- Animal Rescue Site

- Something I learned today has a crazy amount of old punk/hardcore mp3's.

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