Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I left the Bird House, kissed SJ on the lips and said goodbye to Mule at The Money House. Took the J train to JFK and was off to LAX then to Vancouver. This would be my first time in Vancouver. I flew Delta and on the way to LAX sat in the middle seat and got little sleep and realized my legs are too long. I finished reading 'Norwegian Wood' by Haruki Murakami and started reading Sam Lipsyte's 'The Subject Steve'. Delta's new TV's suck, their satelite is always messed up and most channels are inoperable. I transfered at LAX and sat alone in a Express Jet to Vancouver. When I landed I dealt with customs and went through some paper work and made my payments to play in Canada, this was my first gig in Canada that was actually legit. I met up with Matt and Bazz and dropped some stuff off at The Comfort Inn and then went to The Library Pub to set up and eat a veggie burger. I went on around 1 or so, people were pretty responsive to what I was playing. At first I basically cleared the dancefloor and when I dropped Danzig's Mother, it seemed like the whole bar just stared at me and some girl asked me to play more house music. So I did and then from there it picked back up, and everyone was dancing, I had some good requests throughout the night; Samim 'Heater', Underworld 'Born Slippy', Princess Superstar 'Perfect' and then some girl asked me to play a song from a Ministry of Sound comp from 2006, I didn't know what song she was talking about, having not understood what she had said, and she then continued to sing the song. So i just told her to stop. After I played Born Slippy, the girl who requested it handed me a pill, which i had no idea what to do with, besides hand it back to her. There were a lot of great kids there, I got many thanks and props and even some Trouble & Bass supporters were in the house. All Time Drop The Lime.
We went on to an after party at a girl's house who ran a dog rescue type organization, and continued to talk about how great her two dogs were, one is still up for adoption. I met Bazz's wife, and Bazz told me about this place called Harmony Island that his wife's family had a place at. He said that's where he'd go if there was ever a nuclear attack. We realized we both knew Terrence Koh, they are old friends and I have spent some time working for him here in NYC. We also talked about Stanley Park, which is their biggest park in Vancouver and also the name of the biggest park in my hometown of Westfield, MA. At around 5 am (8am my time) I decided to go back to my hotel. I slept 3.5 hours and then woke up for a free breakfast. The coffee was terrible and the muffins were tiny. After that I checked out and took a cab to the airport. I bought a 4 pack of Twix and boarded the plain on route to Salt Lake City. I finished Sam Lipsyte's 'The Subject Steve'. I landed in SLC and got onto my packed flight to NYC. Luckily no one sat between me and the guy next to me, who was reading a Dean Koontz book. Delta's Satelites were worse than before. I watched New England Patriots emberass the Buffalo Bill's and caught some of The Kimora Simmons show, which was emberassing as well. Landed at JFK and took a cab straight to the Bird House just in time for Adult Swim.

Here are some other photos from the party Somedudesbirthday.com

- Here's a new mix I did in support of my gig in Vancouver and Chicago this Saturday.
Download it HERE

- Also in support of our Masters of the Universe II party, Monday night I guest Djed on Queen Majesty's Deadly Dragon Sound show onEVR.
Check that out HERE
BIG UP's to Queen Majesty for having me and Shark.

- Also, check out the recent issue of Village Voice, a nice mention of the Cut Boys and our recent current TV video. Check that out HERE

And some other great random photos

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