Monday, September 22, 2008


- Dont live in Harlem

- Trouble & Bass 2 Year Anniversary w/ DJ Craze this Friday at LOVE

- Buraka Som Sistema in NYC with T&B Crew at Santos

- Actual Pain and Mishka in Vice

Santiago and Bushido vs. DJ Fame - For The People (HiJack Remix)
Check out more info HERE
Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve Remix)
Chilly Gonzales - Real Mother**** in' Music
I was trying to find this album 'Uber Alles' for a few weeks, a rare Chilly Gonzales record from 2002 or so that goes for $55 on Amazon and ebay. I had it on cd-r in college and I remember listening to this song on repeat driving in the backwoods of Savannah in Brad's Protege that he left me on this boombox cause his car didnt have a stereo. Anyhow, Luckily a friend of mine had it and uploaded it for me. Good looking out.

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