Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How come y'all didn't tell me how good the fucking sandwiches were?

Tuesday night, hit up a socialite birthday party for the woman Yvonne with this girl which was at Donna Karan's deceased husband's work studio. On some big money, socialite, Bungalow 8, new york tip. not my scene, but very funny.

Uma Spotting, kinda weak photos, but, just trying to let that jawn get down a little bit to the likes of this pretty lady. Kid America went on after Princess playing some soul plus some Juelz, i got down a little, ate some more free sandwiches and cupcakes and peaced out.

Hit up HE to catch a small brawl, another birthday party for this wonderful lady and daughters of chaos dj set. 'BIG PIMPIN'

- futher photoing: here

- Ghostface doll?. "Real 14 karat gold chain" and "Each Doll speaks original recordings of Ghostface Killah catch-phrases". wow. rather undeveloped figure

- Wednesday night, holler at your boy.


Anonymous Anna said...

Fuck Myspace. You're my new work-day distraction...

4:27 PM, February 01, 2006  

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