Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tigerbeat 6 Paws Across America Day 3 - Detroit, MI

Wake up in hotel in Lansing, blog it up and then take off for Detroit which is only an hour away or so.

Get a small tour of Detroit and all of it's niceness and ghetto and get to The Magic Stick and sit on the internet and then eat an amazing meal they had at their restaurant next door.

The Magic Stick is a pretty huge venue and the turn out is pretty good, but feels like a slow show. Kids are super nice there too. two or three ex raver dudes talk me and Luca up all night about how great things were in Detroit back in the day.

Neal from Genders got wasted, and was lying on the floor laughing after puking in the bathroom sink.

We stay at Genders house. rmeidned me of living in an art school house. lots of things speratically placed everywhere. projects unfinished and lying around and lots of sound equipment set up.

best part of traveling is finding odd snacks and drinks in each town you go to at the deli's and gas stations. we decided Midwest had some of the best stuff to find.

More picstures here

Day 4 - Toronto, Canada
one word - NIGHTMARE
woke up in Genders house after a pretty good night's sleep.

hit the road soon after.

I LOVE random energy drinks. one of the many purchased.

So, long story short and $1000 later, we got denied at the Canadian Border, only to return with the proper paper work. And went to a different entrance and got in ok.

After getitng kicked out, some unhappy faces on us all.

everything in Detroit is for rent or run down. it must be such a crazy place to live in.

First Stop in Canada: Tim Horton's
it was great to be in Toronto. It's a great town, i have some good friends who live there and people are very receptive to dance music and partying and such.


my boy Rory Them Finest

Canada is Cold!

more pics here

Tonight! Montreal! at Zoobizarre!


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