Friday, September 01, 2006


- Saturday night - Trouble and Bass Party

- more American Apparell hoopla

- Devil in the details

- Jordan an Andrew

- Mike Patton hates Wolfmother video clip on Golden Fiddle

- Jokers of the Scene - Canadian Boys Club Mix #1

- Last night Ed Banger Records stopped here in NYC for a good ol rave party on a thursday night. i really enjoyed Feadz set as well as Para One. I went late thinking I was going to miss Uffie, but was surprised when she went on at 1 am.. instead of 10:30 as listed. All in all, it was a great night, spent with some amazing friends and music lovers and celebrating Shark's actual birth date. Ed Banger is taking over.

Bookoo shot

Nothing different than the regular Bookoo, but claiming that it carries two times the punch. Delicious none-the-less.


This is real sweet, and smooth. It doesn't have the bite every other energy drink has. It seems like it's for someone who wants to drink energy drinks and seem casual about it. not having to hold a strangely shaped can that's colors are made to excite! The Jolt can's all like "YEAH! WOOOOO! LETS GO MOTHERFUCKER!" and the Bawls is all like, "hey man, lets hang out and relax together, and maybe i'll be your pick me up" Tadd Trueb also introduced this to me back in 2003, proclaiming it was his favorite drink when he used to be an online gamer. hats up my friend.

Power Trip

This is like straight up blue kool aid tasting shockers, pop tarts, fizzy happenings in your mouth. very enjoyable.

Jolt Ultra

Look how intimidating that can is. it's a giant battery. and that foot added in there, is not helping. This tasted more like a Fresca, and even had the dry carbonation to go with it. it wasnt bad, and it took me 5 hours to drink, but i just think it's pretty hilarious. "Yeah, I'll have the giant battery to drink please, thank you."


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