Monday, December 04, 2006


Pictures from Friday Dec. 1st at Disorganised with Jokers of The Scene in Ottawa, QC

Ruby Jane in the house.

Partytack in the house

More pictures here
Adams pictures from Disorganised

SATURDAY DEC. 2ND in Toronto, ON for BIG PRIMPIN w/ Rory Them Finest.

More pictures here

Thank you Canadians.
Much fun was had, and cold weather/rain/slush/snow was endured.
and good food was eaten and nice people were met and jams were jammed and banged out, and dancing was done.


- Kid Kamelon's pictures from Mad Suspect

- And our fellow basshead compatriots Trouble & Bass crew held it down in Brooklyn at their monthly party at Boogaloo. Check out pictures here

- Blair from Music for Robots has a new mix up. get it here


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