Tuesday, December 12, 2006


- Last night at No. 1 Chinese was not a good look.

Posted by Drop The Lime via Myspace:
"i got punched in the face cuz we played too hard last night... for anybody that came to see us DJ lastnight, sorry if u came and didnt hear T&B playing. we got kicked off the decks for some U2 & Police throwbacks cuz we were playing too "hard". anyway, shit escalated, 2 of us got punched and kneed in the face and dude slammed my computer screen down cracking the bottom corner. wherrrrrrrrrre is the love?"

So, internet friends and NYC locals, if you hear anything about 'Bad Meaning Good' parties, don't support them, and please spread the word that these fools aren't reliable (obviously) people to be worked with.
it's like, "hey, guys want to come play my party? We'll make sure some dipshit kicks you off the decks and then make sure he has roid rage fit on you in a drunken stupor, once you finally get to play after all of your friends have long gone. Oh, and we probably won't pay you the money we promised you and we'll tell you to never come back again."

- More pictures from Mad Suspect by E-Sleaze


Christian Flores from Vancouver hit me up with a couple smooth quick mixes with some nice blends. Check them out for sure.

- Them Dudes Is Good (10:30)
- Bikini and Heels (11:45)


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