Thursday, April 12, 2007


- Saenai Fall Fashion Show. The Captain on the cat walk. hilarious.

- More pictures from Cut w/ Miss Kittin and Ellen Allien, by Nicki Digital.

- Sad Hit and Run in Brooklyn. Help out if you can.

Proxy - Ready 2 Watching
Hailing from Moscow!, I don't think I've ever listened to any music made in Moscow. Proxy is fairly new to me, and this is one of the newest releases on Turbo Recordings. Tiga and Turbo are really banging em out this year. The song is what it sounds like if you were to make techno using dentistry drilling tools. get that dance floor rave bass face ready for these tracks, they will take you far into the night. Check out their track 'Predator' on their myspace page. Man, that track gives me the chills.

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