Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Overnight flight to the UK. Couldn't sleep on the plane. I watched Bourne Identity and Disturbia and sit next to a chubby girl wearing an Oakland Raiders t shirt over a Daishiki print, which I can't tell if I think is good or not. Get into airport, relieved I didn't get hassled by customs. I wait for Luca getting in on Air India, which is probably the worst airlines today. We catch a bus to Birmingham. It's raining like crazy so we call for a ride, and look around in a vintage store across the street from the bus station that has far too many wind breakers and mediocre shirts that cost far too much, even for Birmingham. I come across a R. Kelly jersey but it has a horrible cut to it, so I pass on it and kick myself for it later. We wait in front of the Fancy Silk Store, but on the wrong side of the building, not realizing that there exists two signs that read "Fancy Silk Store" and we get drenched. We eventually get picked up and check into our hotel room. We shower, watch Big brother, not knowing if the sound is supposed to be so low (it is) and take a nap. We look for food but everything is closed. We meet up with Miguel (Kid 606) on our way back to the hotel and we all hang out for a bit before sound check, and a quick video interview with two Australian girls. The backstage area of the Supersonic Fest has an Xbox 360 so we're playing some Tom Clancy shooting game that is far too hard for us. It rains all night. Drop The Lime and Kid 606 play in a room that has one wall made of glass that leads outdoors and it steams up and metal/noise/rave kids dance all night reluctantly. After their sets, we watch Otto Van Schirach perform in a super hero outfit and then we go back to the hotel and sit in the lobby using the free wifi. Luca and I have don't fall asleep until 7 am and wake up at 10:30 so we don't miss the free breakfast and then take the train down to London.
The sun is out and shining. We meet up with Starkey and Matt from Fabric and have a few pints and then meet up with James from Sick of Nature and eat some Indian food on the opposite side of the Curry Mile on Brick Lane and then head over to 333 for a rough sound check. I DJ for a handful of people for 45 minutes, early in the night and the crowd doesn't come through until around 1, right in time for Luca's set. The crowd reminds me of Happy Ending in NYC on the weekend. The spot is filled with a bunch of suits and shirts and girls who look like they're going clubbing. Skull Juice play an amazing DJ set and we leave around 4. We run into Colin outside and try to go to Russian Bar for after hours and we get denied entry, cause we're three dudes and two of us are carrying luggage. I chat up this girl outside smoking a cigarette who turns out to be good friends Lauren Flax and is moving to NYC in September. We take a cab to Camden town and go to sleep on our friend Will's couches.
We wake up in the afternoon and walk to the tube just in time for the rain to get us soaking wet. By the time we get off the tube, it had stopped raining. We go to Old Blue Last to drop off our stuff before walking about Old Brick Lane and the surrounding area. We grab some good coffee at this spot called, We love Coffee or something like that, where the girls working there look polish and are listening to 90's hip hop. We walk around aimlessly for the afternoon and then head to Old Blue Last for the all day Trouble & Bass vs. Rebel Bass party. The bartenders at this pub look like they're straight outta Vice which I assume they actually are. We spend the whole day there hanging out and meeting some cool people. I play for an hour or so for a handful of people early in the evening. Caspa, Rusko and Drums of Death all play amazing sets and it gets me excited about music. Ben and Stan from Toronto who are both living in London come through late in the evening. We go to an after party at this huge club called Aquarium, it has great sound and good music, but is filled with mostly gay dudes. I see Jeremy Scott wearing a coat or shirt with the american flag on it, and I also randomly run into Ruvan, a photographer friend living in London for a bit, who's actually did a shoot in my apt. for XLR8R a year or so ago. We contemplate going for a dip in their pool and then decide against it. We leave around 3:30 and take a bus to Stan's house and stay up until 5 eating bread and hummus and Sensations chips, and then take the bus to the tube to the airport and come back to America. That was the shortest trip ever.

What is up with your sinks Euroland? How am I supposed to get a good mix of hot and cold if it's coming out of two faucets?


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- I'm DJing at Video Disco on Thursday in Brooklyn. Come through.

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Blogger Josh said...

"it has great sound and good music, but is filled with mostly gay dudes"?!?! Ummmm, so?

12:29 PM, July 18, 2007  
Blogger Secret Agent Gel said...

that kid606 remix tee is too much. i about fell over.

3:41 PM, July 18, 2007  
Blogger Anna said...

no mention of me?!! i'm gutted.

4:05 AM, August 02, 2007  

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