Monday, July 30, 2007


I'd been meaning to check out Dante's Fried Chicken Show for a while now, and luckily I made it out this Sunday. It was an incredible night. Sweat dripping booty dropping fun along side some of the best home cooked food I've had in a while. KFC R.I.P. is right.
It was straight old school weekend in NYC this past weekend with Afrika Bambataa playing at Fun, Green Velvet playing for us at Cut and Newcleus playing Live at DFC. What a throwback weekend. Newcleus was so great. It was so dope to see the whole gang from back in the day all smiling and singing together and just be straight up happy to be playing music And you know once they played 'jam On It' the whole place erupted into some air bass solos, maybe that was just me. Blaqstarr came through from Baltimore and brought Rye Rye, who does the vocals for 'Shake it to the ground'. She was amazing, sang the whole tune with no problem, which originally, sounds like its chopped up and pitched up on the track. And then she threw down some ill dance moves. Crazy! Check out DFC next time it pops off.

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Blogger dj empirical said...

keep the party posts comin... i need continued otivation to move to nyc...

10:24 PM, July 30, 2007  

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