Monday, November 26, 2007


I took a cab to Laguardia. I began reading Jonathon Lethem's 'Gun, with Occasional Music'. I landed in Chicago around 3 and got picked up by Miss Gab and Robert. We went to the Wicker Park area so to go eat at Earwax and meet up with my friend Justin. I got a Sloppy Seaitan sandwich and a coffee and then after that we went to Miss Gab's house and Justin and I watched 'This is England' on my laptop. Robert counted BPM's on tracks and Miss Gab did her nails. Miss Gab has two parakeet's she deathly affraid of letting out of their cage. We went to Mix early to set up and hang around. I walked to Walgreens to get dinner; mxed nuts, liptoon black iced tea and baked CHeeto's. Everyone says I have a horrible diet, so critical. I hung out with Justin before I played, met his girlfriend Jesse and his friend Pat who is also from MA and is still straight edge, and wore a Tragedy shirt which I thought was rad. The night conisted of a few birthday parties and many requests for hip hop and reggaeton. I mixed it up towards the end of my set with some hip hop. After I got of the decks Markus told me one dude was conpsiring to beat me up when I refused to play reggaeton and hip hop earlier in the night, which I think would have been great. Markus also told me about the where abouts of the MIchael Jordan statue. After the party Justin, Pat, Vicky and I go to Berlin for a gay night, where I see Jillian up in the club. We stay there for over an hour dodging some predators and dudes fucked up on pills. We then go to Dunkin Donuts and then go home.
Justin and I go back to Earwax for lunch, not being able to think of anywhere else to go. I say hi to Jennifer Von Schlicten at American Apparel and then we go to the United Center to see the Michael Jordan statue. 75 % of the people I meet in Chicago work at American Apparel. After the United center, Justin takes me downtown to see the huge metallic Bean inside Millenium Park, which reminds me of the spacecraft in Flight of The Navigator and then to Buckingham Fountain, which is the fountain in the opening credits for 'Married with Children'. We also run into a wild rabbit. We take the train back to Justin's and hang out a bit watching TV.
Miss Gab and Robert pick me up to go to the MIdway airport.
Thanks Chicago.

This is a horrible painting of one my favorite cars ever, the Mercedes Benz Gull Wing. Growing up I dreamed of riding in one of these, my father even told me we had a cousin who owned one, but that fantasy, unfortunately never came to fruition.

+ Mishka's Holiday 07 Online Catalog is up. You can check out Mule and I looking good HERE

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