Thursday, June 26, 2008


Brad and I tried to go see Ulrich Schnauss at one of the Summer River to River events down at WFC. It's really eerie walking around in the financial district in the late evening. We walked over where the WTC used to be and then couldn't figure out where the Winter Garden was. So we waited in a line for a few minutes before realizing it was the line to buy tickets to see Sonic Youth. Assuming the event was out doors, we reluctantly checked inside the WFC where we found rows of fold up chairs facing a stage with lap tops set up, which looked like someone would be giving a power point presentation on the latest update for your I Phone. But it wasn't, it was a bunch of nerds waiting to see Ulrich Schnauss play, and at the time, almost 9, there was no opening bands playing, so we left.
Ulrich Schnauss outdoors by the water while the sun sets for free, would've been amazing.


Blogger showtrotta said...

I went to that show and it took me forever to find the Winter Garden too. I also would've waited in that line if I hadn't overheard someone say it was for Sonic Youth tix and Ulrich was inside.

Probably right after you left this Austrian chick (Dorit Chryssler) who plays the theramin opened for Ulrich and it was pretty crazy.

Would've been awesome if Ulrich played outside but he had some good visuals.

Sorry you missed it...they need to put some signs up down there.

1:48 PM, June 27, 2008  

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