Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I took a trip to Galway, London and Birmingham last week. Was gone for about 9 days.
Here are the photos from the trip.


I took a plane to Shannon and landed there around 5:15 am and took a 7:15 am bus to Galway and went to sleep immediately.
Vivian met up with me from Barcelona and we played that night at the Artisit? Art Space.

Unfortunately, the cops came and shut the party down since there were too many people in the street.

the next day Vivian and I stumbled upon and were invited up to a childs blessing. Our host Mary had become a godmother.

irish plumbing is so weird.
Then we left on Monday to go to London for the week, and got to stay with Tomb Crew, even thoguh they had a gig every night of the week and we barely saw them.

Keep Watch in the UK

One of Luca's Managers and One of Burakas Managers

Finally got to see Buraka Som Sistema play live, Pretty amazing.

Met and hung out with Niall from Jack Beats/Scratch Perverts. Nicest guy ever.

NIall's friend Al, making fun of a strange russian bouncer who instructed everyone to come closer to him to pat you down, rather than him move whatsoever.

Vivian and I went to the Tate Modern

Vivian popped a blood vessel in her eye in her sleep after a night out w/ DJ Zinc. She said it didn't hurt at all, but freaked her and everyone else out.

We met Mumdance and his girlfriend, pretty awesome.

Ben showed up on Thursday morning.

We took the train and walked up 193 stairs not thinking it would be all that bad.

Dinner before Trouble & Bass vs. night Slugs.
Photos from that even can be found HERE

Shaun from Fabric took me Luca and Vivian out to lunch at the Shoredtich House. Very proper, and quite an amazing place.
Ben left to go to Paris.

Rinse FM office. kinda

Friday night Vivian and I went to the last FWD at The End w/ Skream, Benga, Skepta, N-Type, MRK1, Kode 9, and more. The line to get in was pretty bonkers.

Vivian and then tried to walk to Fabric and got lost and then ended up just taking a cab after a long annoying, cold fiasco. But saw this on the way.
Luca played Room 1 4:30 - 6:30.

Buraka in the house

Vivian and I stayed at Fabric until 6:30 or so and then went back to the apt to sleep, got up around 11 for a 1:30 bus to Birmingham to play the Beyond Barry Project in Birmingham, which we almost missed.

This party was a lot of fun. Everyone was down to dance and have a good time.

The clocks in UK went back an hour that next morning, but we didn't find out until it was 4 am (now 3 am). I then had to stay up to catch a 6:30 bus back to London for a 1:15 pm flight back to Newark

See you soon

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A lot party ehh
cheers from mexico

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