Thursday, February 02, 2006


Today I am now 24. it's going to be a good year. I like that i turn a different age as the new year begins, so everything thats new and different coincides age with the year.

my favorite birthday song - Rod Lee - Birthday
taken from Rod Lee - Vol. 1 Operation Start Up.
i cant upload it, its an .m4a file and i can t find it on the net, so if you know what the deal with .m4a's are, let me know.

here's a throwback slow jam I was exposed to today thanks to a friend:
Public Announcement - Body Pumpin
I had never heard this before, and it's definitely an ill slow jam to rub up on your girl listening to, either while giving her the ill reach around or whispering sweet nothing's into your lover's ear, "Don't you want me? Cause i want you, lets do this..."
uhhm, that says it all, "Yippi Yi Yo, Yippi Kai Eh!" Up there with Color me Bad.
This reminds me of a discussion I had talking about being an in house proudction back up vocalist for r & b tracks and having to sing some corny shit. too many to list i suppose.

DJ-ed at Bang Tonight. no photo proof, just saying. the kids like the bangers, and then they like to go home early to go to sleep because they say they have to work in the morning.

day out:

Compliments of XLR8R, I only wear hats with X's.

Party's over here Thursday night with these dudes
im gonna drink 6 red bulls and start doing back flips.


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