Thursday, July 20, 2006


- Dirty Down party friday night. and Mad Suspect Saturday night.

- I've been keeping busy. not been up on the blog tip.
Last night I saw Nossa dudes, Bonde do Role and Diplo at Stereo. it was fun. Nossa and Dj Gorky threw it down. and it was fun seeing Bonde Do Role kids jumping around singing on chordless mics on top of speakers and in between really big potted plants. trees?
LOW B and Debonair Samir and others tonight at Hiro. I'm pretty psyched! Bondo de Role, CSS and Diplo play in Brooklyn. Why do those dudes roll into the hood always around the same time? i think this happened a while ago. it's not like it's spread apart or spread out. it's like. oh yo, theres two good shows on the same night, what you gonna do? oh and its both those hollertronix dudes.

- Me and Shark are in the process of making one or two more shirts through and with Kill Shop Kill expect something nice and perhaps some old hardcore throwbackery.

- Next Thursday and Friday. me, Shark and Hovercraft go on a little mini road trip. hitting up Richmond to party with the Cobra Kai dudes for a slip n slide water gun extravaganza and then shoot up to Providence where i'm going to be DJing for the Providence Girls Roller Derby bout. that's going to be amazing! Expect pictures, videos, all that.


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