Friday, July 14, 2006

Life hands you lemons

and then after that they hand you some of those delicious lemon candies.
and then you can make some lemonade, cause it's summer time and really fucking hot out.
- someone stole my brand new bike, and then the next day i lost my 30 day metro card. i think it may have been almost over, definitely past the 15 - 20 day mark. but, annoying none the less. You know, you take a hit like that, and you just gotta move on. Up and up. for sure. but if you see anyone riding a brand new blue Motobecane track bike. please get them / it for me.

- Friday night: I'm Djing Lauren Flax's White Lightning party. me and the dude Disco D playing at my firends new bar: Home Sweet Home. I'm bringing the rotating mutli colored dance light ball. and Shark makes his return to the big Apple. Should be an amazingly fun time.


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