Saturday, June 10, 2006


I'm real excited about Mad Suspect tonight. People get down. get sweaty, get phyiscal. It's a good time in Brooklyn for sure.


Jokers of the Scene have a new jam on their myspace page. scope it out. Man, that shit is banging. MAD Bounce.
"hey dude... did you sample austin powers horns?"
"yeah... hahahahahha."
"shit is dope"

Surkin - Radio Fireworks (institubes president)
My boy over at Hockeyanddeer already uploaded this, but it's so fucking incredible I wanted to reup it too. Of course he's from France. Of course he's really young. Of course this track bangs in the clubs. You can check out a mini mix of his here

Chicken Lips - White Dwarf (The Juan Maclean remix)
I usually am not too into Chicken Lips. They were always a little too funky for me. But I listened to the original and some of the new remixes while at work and this new single is super good. So, here it is. The Juan Maclean mess with it and throw it down and into groove town with vocoded vocals and all.

Rod Lee - Got to Go
This is my new end of the night song. Straight up telling everyone to go home and get the fuck out. Expect to hear this around 4 a.m. whenever I'm spinning or if I ever want you to leave my house. This is on onepf the new 12"s put out by Unruly Records in conjunction with Rod Lee, Club King. Pick them up through or somewhere else, i guess. Unruly records website is under construction.

See you tonight!


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