Wednesday, October 04, 2006


- ON - OFF has been uploading a lot of good tunes lately.

- Alavi - Sexy Back Rerox
Alavi began his own label roXour and is from Germany as far as I can tell. He made a dope sexy back remix that me and some have been playing out for a little while. roXour originally released Benjamin Thieves 'texa$', that Kitsune picked up. They've got some new artists signed up and are releasing some new shit soon, i think.

- La Decadanse showing some past dirty down love that i missed.

- My Boy A - Rock from Montreal has a new mix up - Day of the Rent Vol. 1

- Studio of the Month some friends of mine in Chicago.

- Science of Sleep
Last night I went and saw Science of Sleep. As much as it was fantasy, it was the same amount a little irritating. The movie started off very good, Gondry has a way of captivating an audience right off the bat with his original ideas and fantastical concepts. Soon enough though, the story went underway, the characters as well as the main character's dilemma was soon found out, and nothing was left unknown.
It's a very quirky film though, there's a lot in the film to fall in love with. basing it on visuals and concepts, it's a great film. There's a lot of child play going on in the movie. Perhaps having younger children in his life has played a part in this film for Gondry film. Gael Garcia Bernal character was very naive, sensitive, sheltered, unrealistic, and not in touch with reality and has sensed to not really learn too much about life, much like a child. His character's surroundings are even set in his childhood bedroom and much like a child, the character got to be a bit unnerving.
though, I havent actually read much about the film, or how it was made, why it was made, etc. etc. So I can't comment on any of that kind of info, I had helped work a few days at Deitch Projects installing Gondry's installation, so I had seen some of the props and a good number of inventions he uses in the film first hand, so i may have spoiled some f it for myself.

And of course, like Gondry does, there was some amazing and creative ideas put onto film. Some great stop motion as well as great props and character ideas and pretty humorous dialogue and all the trickery and illusions you could expect. but all in all, the film didnt do it for me and left me walking away feeling like the film had finished pretty unresolved and not much in the film had changed.


Blogger Mary Ann said...

thanks for the linkage.

the strange thing is i woke up on your couch with krames' boxers on (purely platonic dude-loaning-chick-sleep-gear situation) the next morning. still funny.

12:06 AM, October 05, 2006  

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