Thursday, October 26, 2006


What the fuck is going on? I got mad sick because of allergies.
This is horrible.

Gonna be a big weekend of halloween type partying down. I might choose to save my costume for Saturday and Tuesday's Warriors party at Studio B.

and in case nobody told you.
Cut is coming back- Friday December 22nd, to be held at Studio B.
and Dirty Down will be coming to an end, and/or relocating under a new fun fantastical party name, like 'laserball light magic fun dance time' something with the combination of great words like that.
And I'm also going to be coming out with a new mix, soon. just gotta wrap it up.

- if you're a fan of great music and top notch writing and some great features on gadgets, style, culture, etc etc. check out the latest issue of XLR8R. It's probably one of my favorite issues this year. Good issue on 'Fidget' techno, and Trentmoller as well, who is playing tonight at Cielo.

Boys Noize - eRole Attakk
it sounds like the music SebastiAn would make if he were german, (he's not german, right?) and added some long division in there, added more high hats and lightened his synths, and then blammo. electro explosion.


Blogger Prolly said...

So cut's moving to Greenpoint? A short walk from my new crib? NICE.

12:59 PM, October 29, 2006  

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