Thursday, February 15, 2007


Filth n' Dirt - i81u812 (Speaker Junk Local Vocal)
From the new label and management company Smoke & Mirrors started up by LA glam corn balls Virgin Tears and Steve Pross, former Emperor Norton Records President. Filth n' Dirt comprised of Dave The Hustler and Paris the Black Fu of Detroit Grand Pubah's fame, remixed by Speaker Junk; Trevor Lovey and Josh Harvey. Lots of hands on this project. Like Always Speaker Junk bring that funky UK rattling Bass shake, that they've become oh so famous for.

Richboy - Throw Some D's (Starkey Remix)
Philadelphia Grime Demon, Starkey, adds his touch of bass magic to this top 40 club banger of the moment. Starkey dropped this at the last Trouble and Bass party and I couldn't tell if i was about to start elbowing people or light up a spliff. Of course I could've just started throwing some D's on that bitch. This is some serious grime coming straight from Philly. Check this guy out the next time he plays around you, he played an amazing set in Brooklyn.


Blogger Ariel Sharon said...

i'm a total remix snob and this starkey joint is hot!

12:19 PM, February 16, 2007  

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