Friday, February 08, 2008


Once again, sorry about few postings. Been very busy. Staying in the city, moving apartments in Brooklyn. Not sure where my time has been. Got some great events coming up in Feb and March, and definitely will be traveling to a town near you soon: Las Vegas, Boston, etc.

- Trouble & Bass in Dazed & Confused

- Head Over to the Trouble & Bass Blog to check out some photos from the last T & B at LOVE. Good times for sure.

- Shadetek Blog - Dutty Artz

- The Discerning Brute Blog

- New Mix from Unite One's Keith P - Bass Music for We Shot JR I'm not sure who JR is, but check it out anyways.

- And if you ever want to know how to dance to dubstep. Here you are.


Cluekid - Analogue Monkey
Darkstar - Lilyliver
Cut Copy - Lights & Magic (Boys Noize Hapy Birthday Remix)
Neutral Milk Hotel - Oh Comely

I recently re-downloaded Neutral MIlk Hotel's album 'In an Aeroplane Over the Sea', which I had lost for quite a long time. This album really takes me back, and is such an amazing album. Definitely reminds me of the time when my musical tastes were broadening for sure. This song just breaks my heart.

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