Sunday, February 05, 2006


- So here it is, after.. fuck, like a long ass time of trying to get this done, here we go, my first downloadable mix:
The Captain - 123 Club
My salute to baltimore club music. you know the deal, right click and save as. and if your a mac user, ctrl + click, save as.

- So Friday, Dirty Down was insane, as per usual. Pics here. Savannah was definitely in the house. word up to those kids.

- Saturday The Rub was insane. DJ Ayres and Cosmo Baker, throwing down. those dudes can create a long ass line outside, for real. shit was a block long.

- check out my dude Sean is on the come up with this site.

- Busta Rhymes bodyguard shot dead in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, for any of you who know's where that is, it's like polish town / small town brooklyn suburbia type shit. learn some more on the story here
and another Busta mention, he bought a million dollar apt. in Williamsburg, brought up in this Hasidic Jews vs. Hipsters article

- Lacoste Show

- and scope out my boy's blog from the yay area. i'd like to call it my sister blog, but i havent confirmed if that's acceptable or not - Electro-lights

- this is the next electro miss thang. Uffie. With Justice and Ed Banger Records behind her, seriously watch the fuck out.

- REVIEW: The Battle of 'What else is there?' Thin White Duke vs. Vitalic.
Royskopp - "What else is there?" (Thin White Duke Remix
Royskopp - "What else is there?" (Vitalic Remix)

At first I only payed attention to the vitalic remix. Being a fan of Vitalic and then looking at the Thin White Duke remix and thinking that after Post Madge, it might a little on the soft side in comparison. The Vitalic remix really in my opinion shreds. it bangs so hard you cant help but nod your head and pump your fist in the air. vitalic busts out another slamming track, with all the vitalic maneuvers. a hard ass kick that drops right before the freak out and dualing synths to rip it up with the snap of that snare. this track just makes me want to do back flips.
when i finally listened to the thin white duke remix, (jacques lu cont, les thymes digitales), it was perfect timing. it was a cold, dark night right after i got out of work and i was walking away from the subway on my way to visit a friend at work, and for that type of situation, this really is an amazing track. starts off real spacey and the vocals are touched with some reverb. this track is real smooth and may i say dreamy. puts you in that mood, you want to thow your hands up and close your eyes, think about the one you love, sing along, and dance the night away. and if you're not in the club and you find yourself walking along the streets to go visit the person you have a crush on, you may find yourself blindly walk into the streets. so be careful.

WINNER: Vitalic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you really need to practice more. the mix is REALLY bad. the transitions aren't even on time. i think i can hear dj assault and diplo shedding a tear while they listen to this mix...and they want their records back, too. either go back to the drawing board or leave dj'ing to the professionals.

9:41 PM, February 05, 2006  

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