Thursday, May 11, 2006

Paws Across America Tour - Day 9 - Burlington, VT

we've been listening to mostly mixes on this tour, new and old.
enough that we've been getting amped on making our own.
"ok. ok. ok Monday! after mothers day! I'm making a new mix! Final deadline on Wednesday. If im not done. Im throwing all my records out!"
so on Dirty Down or on Trouble and Bass, by next week, they're wll be new mixes up. By Luca and I, separately.

I didn't get a chance to get any photo op's with my boy Jared Leto in Burlington, sadly.
maybe next time.

but this is what it looked like in Kid 606 and Drop The Lime's showroom:

and this is what it looked like in the 30 Seconds to Mars room... after the band was finished:

We Drove for a while after the show trying to find a hotel, we found this:

Luca is way afraid of the wiilderness and small towns.

So we drove on, away from the haunted bed and breakfast.
We drove from Burlington all night to my parents house in Westfield, MA
good to be home!

more pictures here

Paws Across America Tour - Day 10 - Northampton, MA

Woke up in Westfield, MA and made our way to go eat breakfast.
as soon as we pulled out of my parents driveway, a cop pulled us over, literally ten seconds.
We were parked near the front of my parents house and had out of state plates, so they must have been around the corner waiting for us. Both cops were slightly undercover. One wore a Red Sox warm up coat and the other a Yankees warm up coat. I wondered if they fight with each other waiting to arrest people about which team was gonna win this year. The one with the Yankees coat was giving Luca a hard time, saying he didnt believe he was from NYC because he didn't have a New York accent. so ridiculous. they let us go after a few minutes and realized thats the house i grew up in and that my father works for the city.
We got breakfast at good old Bickfords Restaurant.

I ran into a friend's old friend, whom my friend had a falling out with. After I pointed out that we knew each other, another waitress came to serve us, which was really puzzling, and awkward. i was intially going to ask how she was doing, but then i realized she was working at Bickfords in Westfield, Massachusetts, so the question needn't be asked.
we did some shopping:

Went to the Salvation Army. Kenny Bloggins!!!!!! only fifty cents. woooooow.

Whatever happened to "you don't know Bo Diddley?"

some kids were getting down.
The we went to the after party and luca and I threw it down.
with your grandma

Ill straight edge Swatch throwback.

Until next time Northampton...

Thursday, Boston!


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