Thursday, June 01, 2006


Great weather right now in NYC. berst time of the year is June, just right before it gets way hot out.

My All time Summer Jam:
Chef Raekwon - Ice Cream
Although the dude doesn't call himself Chef anymore. his last release was under just Raekwon which is a shame, cause I was down with that whole Wu Tang members having crazy nicknames and all. But yeah, this is the ultimate summer jam. a bunch of rap dudes rhyming about summer time girls, curves, metaphors with ice cream, how they holler at girls, every thing you need for a summer banger. I'm gonna play this shit every day. If i had a convetible, or even a car, I'd be drowning all the shitty reggaeton that's plaguing South Williamsburg with this jam. Anyways, enjoy. and shout out your favorite summer jams. and i don't want to hear about Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff " Summer Time". That's like a christmas carol for summer time. or the happy birthday song. it's a given. Plus "Summer Time" reminds me of the end of the summer and makes me sad. what? Just Saying.

- Tuesday Roman Flügel played at APT. I dont have any photo evidence, you all know how APT does. 10 - 20 techno people and whomever they can drag along, standing around or sitting arond the bar drinking or staring at their phone (I took this time to enjoy the Datebook tool on my phone). Roman played a minimal techno set, we were hoping for some bangers, and after an hour or so of minimal tehcno, we had to dip out. The week before the same promoter brought in ModeSelektor. But I was at a pool party instead, so I missed it. I'm not sure if it was any good. So, dudes need to step up promotion game, not a good look to be bringing these dope dj's to America to play for no one. Just saying. call me.

- Tonight, I'm playing Coma Club. at Galapagos Art Space. I've never been to this spot, I hear it's pretty dope though.

- Friday Night!


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