Friday, May 19, 2006

top down. chrome spinning

Low Budget Friday NIGHT!

- Disorganised dudes have a slamming new mix up. go here for the DL.

mine will be up shortly. after i get through this week.

tonight, went to Red Bull Ascension Sugar Factory Rave. Lots of raver kids, burning man types. brooklyn party people, and not in the good way, and a majority of people i had never seen before, which can be a good thing. lots of dread hair game. things that glow, red bull cans, too much tribal house for too long, more than enough heavily stacked security guards and a sea of people not knowing what to make of the joint or the people inhabiting it. i waited around for Larry Tee to go on and then he was interrupted twice for two vocal bands to play. one was Surprise Party and i didn't catch the other bands name, by 2:30 a.m. or so, it's not live vocal band time. it's bang it out with electro bangers time. Larry played a dope 'In your arm's remix, that i hadn't heard and something else banging to follow and then dropped Gnarles Barkley 'Crazy' and most of the people scattered and then one of the bands went on. Soon after that, we went home.
It's a big spot, has two or three floors, and a roof deck and good sound. hopefully they will have some awesome events there.


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