Friday, July 21, 2006


- Trilladelphia - Guaranteed To Go Down ( thanks Call Me Mickey )
Last night at Hiro Ballroom, the baltimore infused crew threw it down. it was a good time had by all, epsecially upper east side collared dudes who kept getting in the way every time i started jumping around. definitely some amazing baltimore favorites being played. surprisingly Debonair Samir, i dont think played any of his own original material and i heard the rumor that he was suffering from a flu of sorts, so he was somewhat under the weather. i half expected a two - three hour batch of rowdiness, elbow throwing, bmore sing a longs, but got a speratic half hour here or there as the three dudes switched up on and off for most of the night. regardless it was fun, and im glad to hear bmore being played out to more than a couple hundred stangers.

- Curses

- Prolly is not Probably

- shirts off tonight. it's already raining


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