Thursday, February 28, 2008


- Where was this drink when I played there?

- This Friday Tayo in the House of Bass. Go to Trouble & Bass blog for a free mix by Tayo.

- I've recently been asked to contribute to the Bloglin (Mishka Blog). So hit that up and keep up with me over there, too!


Mary Wells - You Beat Me to the Punch
Luca and I have been doing our 6's & 7's motown party every other week in February at 205, and it's gonna be a weekly starting in March. So I've been on the hunt for motown and doo-wop, soul for a little bit, and this track really stuck out.

The Marvelettes - Playboy
"Watch out, here comes that bad boy. Playboy get away from my door, i heard about the lovers that you had before."

Heaveyfeet - Sick like that (vocal mix)
We got this one in the mailbox, it's pretty dope, in that fucked up sound kinda way, coming out on Potty Mouth Records.

Crookers vs. Salt n Pepa - Love to Push it (Ursula 1000 edit)
Princess dropped this track at our valentines Prom, I dont remember hearing it before then, but it has this fucked up build up with a nasty bassline. It's also funny when you hear a dope track and you find out it's by someone very unexpected, like Urusula 1000, whose production work I'm not that familiar with. I just know he's from Miami, I think... Mathhead put this on my computer, thanks bro.

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