Friday, May 12, 2006

Paws Across America Tour - Day 11 - Cambridge, MA
Slow start today. Wake up at my parents house again, get some food at Jesters downtown and then leave from there to go to Cambridge.

Get into Cambridge right on time, it's real foggy, cold, clammy and moist with lots of traffic. and really grey.

Weird day in Boston. We ate some dinner at this health food place, and people in Boston are just kooky. Crazy people running around, crack heads sitting on the bus stops talking to each other about non sense. There was an old lady in a wheelchair talking to herself eating dinner acting crazy behind us. This place is definitely on some crazy tip, and then a friend reminded me that it was a full moon tonight. That must explain it.

Opening act: Blood Money, mature noise act. the lead singer is this Japanese guy who just makes squeak and long growl sounds over minimal noise. Not a good scene.

Old friend Cara from back in the day day.

Ghislain in Cambridge. Playing Certified Bananas tomorrow night with this dude:

The Certified Bananas dudes have a new mix out and ready for purchase on the site. go scope it out. we rocked it in the car on the way to the hotel. way fresh! check the trailer here

After the show we went around the corner to Zuzu's for a small little hip hop night.

People say that Boston people are pretty uptight, i dont think it's them, i think it's the bar atmosphere. i walk into the place and it's so bright in there and everyone is geared toward the entrance, it makes for an uncomfortable welcome and the lights are so bright, i could see people being weary of wylin out.
Cambridge, get your mood lighting game up.

Good times in Cambridge. too bad things close at 2 am!

all pics here

Friday Night! Providence. mad friends coming through!
Satrday Night! Home! Brooklyn!


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