Thursday, February 09, 2006

- Mad Wiggerdry, Wigwams, Wiggers, and dudes with blogs:
I was at a hip hop party last night put on by the dudes of Mishka at King Size. The spot is small enough and almost packed even though there were only like 30 people there and then I heard some talk of a stripper comig to do a performance, which i guess is a monthly occurance for them. So Shark and I were gonna stay a little while longer. And then the hip hop bus came and dropped off like 20 wigger dudes all wearing basically the same thing, just in different assorted colors of parkas, scarfs, Nike's, gold chains, high end t-shirts and New Era hats and that's when we knew it was time to go.
First of all, I'm not saying anything bad about wiggers, that I'm not saying about going to some hipster night and seeing a thousand dudes with fucked up hair cuts, non prescription glasses, Nike's, tight jeans, blazers, scarfs, band t shirts and too much jewelry hanging from their neck. I'm not going to wax the topic too hard, sometimes one is the lesser of the evil. Living in such a big city, every culture blends and every scene has it's fads. but my point is: to all those kids who are rocking gear that isn't obvious to where they hang out, what music they dig and they're feeling what's good to them, I really salute you. Thanks for breaking the mold and your sight is something of a delight.

- Tonight, if you're not going to see these dudes, then I don't know what you're saying. I guess going to go see this dude is good too.

- Lots of events going on this weekend and early next week surrounding the Valentines Day Craze. Get your love on. Find your sweetheart and make this one a memorable one.


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