Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Recap:
Thursday, 2 many dj's at Tribeca was dope. to be honest it wasn't as crazy as i thought it was gonna be. afer hearing many of their radio soulwax sets and all that, i kind of expected to see some mash up wizardy. but i still got an ill electro house set and some pioneer cd-j ing tricks, some sampling, looping here and there. but no 3 songs at one time tip, or like 40 seconds per song mix master type shit. They did bust out this faux cover of 'my humps' called 'my dumps' interrupting 'blue monday', which was rather funny and left me scratching my head. I definitely danced around for 2 hours doing some ill fist pumping action and screaming 'YEEEEEAAAAAAAHH' a couple of times.

Friday, I caught Roy Dank’s set at Happy Ending and a little bit of Nick Catchdubs set, who by the way is one of the nicest and hardest working dudes in nyc right now. And then I dipped out to go to Galaxie and caught a secret set by Trevor Jackson (Playgroup), not this Trevor Jackson though. He did an amazing old school house/ electro party sets. It was fun. Max Pask threw it down in the basement too where the 2 bowling lanes are and the leopard print lounge area. Galaxie is a dope spot. It’s far away in Ridgewater near Queens, and everyone who’s there seems to be there for fun times and great music. I was there until like 6 am and there were like 20 people less there than when I got there, amazing! Definitely the place to scope out. I think it’s only open if people book parties there. Every time I’ve been there, it’s been someone’s birthday party. Keep your ears open.

Sunday, stayed in all day because of the snow. I caught up on some TV Dvd watching; Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Family Guy and finally got to see 'It’s all gone Pete Tong’, which was really good. Pretty inspirational if you’re a fan of music, or def people. And I just realized today that pete tong is a cockney term for wrong. So the whole time i was watching the movie, I was thinking, when the fuck is this pete tong guy gonna appear? later I ended up going to Sway for Morrissey night, which was fun. the kids still came out despite the earlier storm and danced around.

- Back in the day I used to be way into hardcore and metal, up until like 2002 or 2003. I used to go to a lot of shows and buy records and I even ran a small distro in Savannah.I eventually started djing and music of that nature became monotonous and stale, so i moved onto other thngs basically. But, this weekend I was talking to a friend about how she only listens to indie rock music and rock n roll and things like that, and it reminded of the days when I listened to some good old hard rock music. I did some research to see what’s been going on in that area of music since I dropped out. I went to some of the main labels that I used to put out a lot of good bands Relapse Records , Willowtip Records and Robotic Empire and discovered that I realy wasn’t missing much. There were a handful of new bands throughout all of the websites, but the same bands were still putting out most of the music. Here are some of my favorite choices of new hearings:

- Arsis – The Face of My Innocence
Oh man, right away this track gets me. Melodic speed death metal at it’s best. This is what I used to love about listening to metal, the high energy, the guitar squeals, and the technicality of this type of music. This is the kind of shit that makes you appreciate live bands that play really well. And this is also the music you put on when you’re driving 110 m.p.h. in a station wagon going south on the highway on your way to the beach banging your head as hard as you can. And then when the cop pulls you over, and you roll your window down and you have a band like Arsis blasting a new hole in your speaker and serving a severe blast beat and like eight squealies in the cops face, and then he’s all like “Oh, alright, alright. See you.”

- Necrophagist - Intestinal Incubation
I mean aside from all of hardcore and death metal vocals and lyrics being absurd, after a while of listening to a band like Necrohphagist, I can't help but just start cracking up. Some of the guitar parts are so ridiculously insane, I’d just bust out laughing, like, dude, do you hear how fast that guy must be moving his fucking fingers? I can’t even picture that. But yeah, basically this shit fucking rips.

- The End – Fetesque
When I first heard these guys, they were on some new crazy mix of hardcore metal and technical death metal, merging the gap between the two and so on. My friends and I coud only find like one cd of theirs and they were form Canada, and they weren’t signed or anything. But now they’re on Relapse, and shit is still dope.

I’ll just leave it at that for now and wrap up my nostaligia research for today.

- Tonight is this

- And tomorrow maybe This


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