Wednesday, March 22, 2006

SO, it's been a while.
i realize, no offense, to some, that to have a pretty up to date blog, you must either be dedicated a lot, or just not really have a life.
so, sorry mine has been lacking.

- I bought in. and let me tell you how amazing and easy and fun this program is. a bit costly, but once i stop buying records for three months or so, it'll have paid off. just gotta keep rippin those cd's and downloading those mp3's. with all this traveling i'm gonna be doin, this is really the only way to go. im really siked on it.

- Dirty Down last week got busted by the cops Guiliani style. they came through and straight up gave Lit a cabaret fine, amongst other random check ups and such. on some old law type shit that Guiliani was handing out to sketchy bars in the East Village and Lower East Side a few years before I moved here in hopes of cleaning up the city, etc etc etc. So, the dancing stopped, music stopped, lights on and the basement was closed by 2:30 a.m.

More Pictures here

- Vitalic on thursday was pretty dope. some pictures

Feadz and Uffie at Avalon -
It was dope to see Feadz and Uffie play, especially before i went down to Miami, but not such a good look. i mean good looks all around for getting them here, but the venue, kinda ehhh. the sound system was banging, loud as hell, which was great. but the show was held at Avalon, which is a clubby club that's been around for ages, featured in 'Party Monster', that type of club. big time. so there were a shit ton of people, but most of them were jersey heads or random new york club people. check out photos our friend Brenda took here, under *new Avalon 3/18.
you may have seen some of Brenda's work in Vice in the Do's and Don't's section, and some porno as well.

but the party would have been a lot more banging if it were held first at a smaller place, i heard she was playing a smaller club tonight, maybe on some hush hush tip, but i was too blah to go out tonight, messing with this Itunes shit so all my mp3's are straight. Plus, Tuesdays in NYC have been slagging, maybe its the SXSW and WMC season that's got NYC down, but thangs besides our thangs have been kinda blah.

- Super Mario Bros. Riffage. so tech.

- In my latest discoveries of caffeine addiction. Jolt has a new gum out! yeah no fucking way! right?! so of course i had to buy it. neither good nor bad, minty, but i could still taste that there was something in there, that usually isnt there. it worked, i guess.

and also, a while back, i had heard about a Steven Seagal energy drink called Lightning Bolt and i was so stoked on the idea of the shit, i wanted them to sponsor dirty down.
so last night i dj-ed at Mundial and some random dude rolls up with a bag of Lightning Bolt, with both flavors! I was like holy shit dude, ive been trying to find that for months. So me and Shark grabbed both flavors real quick.
now, i love energy drinks, i LOVE them. some people know how we get down with energy drinks. we dont drink booze. so we get all hyphy on some caffeine.
i'll go out and parouse through the soft drinks and if i see some kind of new energy drink, hey, i'll pick it up, i might even like it. but yo, Lightning Bolt was bad. straight up bad. i couldnt even drink it for caffeine purposes. I mean, i like some random energy drinks too. but Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt, not good:

also, coverage from the South coming soon: Miami, Atlanta, Savannah, and then back up here for Dirty Down on the 31st, Yuuuuppp!


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