Friday, March 03, 2006

Last night at Date Cake was dope. Despite the snow fall, some good people came out and made it fun to be playing records and having fun and wearing a snow suit.

"You don't know fun until you know me."

- Tonight It's on! Seriously. Serious booty banging, freak nastying, fist pumping, hollerbacking, redbull slamming, sparks slurping, basement gulliness, stepped on high tops, take off your scarves and wave em over your head like a helicopter type shit!


Song of the Day

Christopher & Raphael Just - Popper
This song was released in 05 I believe. This track falls into the category of new electro house. i don't really know what constitues as old electro house, but i think since it came out fairly recently, i can label it as "new". This song goes along with Tomas Anderson "Washing Up" (Tiga mix), Alter Ego "Rocker", MSTRKRT "Easy Love", Booka Shade, etc. etc. and anything that uses cowbell wraps, and warping and maneuvering synths that put your head into that nod motion when you're standing around at the club. also add in this bouncy bass that sounds like a video game jump sound, here and there and that kind of pumping melodic hook that almost reminds you of club techno and you then you decide you need to get on this track and get your euro fist pump dance on.


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