Monday, February 20, 2006

Weeekend Rewind

Thursday saw Foreign Islands play at Fat Baby and went to Jacques Renault’s night Don’t Change, Don’t’ ever change, with Mike Simonetti djing.
- A little show review:. I rarely make it to see live bands, unless it’s really promising. In this case, I happened to be at the right place at the right time, so to speak. It was someone’s birthday and there was a band playing in the basement, and several kids I know were talking about them, so I checked it out. I was pretty skeptical since birthday girl said to me, “these guys are gonna be the next big thing, they’re gonna be so big the next time you won’t be able to see them play in a little basement like this.” I just stared at her. That’s like the last thing I want anybody telling me about a band even if it is true. Foreign Islands contain ex members of some bands I don’t remember at the moment and played a pretty good set, reminding me a lot of the dc post punk sound, as well as mewithoutyou without the crooning over it, or maybe Q and not U, but less creative, and with some sampled electronics added in and in between songs. Definitely, fun, but not sure why people were freaking out. Then they ripped up pillows and threw them around which was fun. Some girl got way too into it and ate shit.

Friday was a shit ton of fun.
Saturday, went with The Disorganised Boys to Savalas for Caps and Jones night. Snuck off to a few loft parties and that’s that. Forgot my camera battery, no coverage, my bad.

- Dave Chappelle teams up with Michel Gondry

- Black Gold Even the trailer will make you feel like you’re killing a thousand babies by drinking a cup of coffee.

- ultimate blogger competition I’m down with blogging, but come onnnnnnnn…. This is some tip top nerdery.

- Reebok vs. Commonwealth I’m not a crazy sneaker head. But these are really dope, and I have no idea how I’m going to get a pair. And Dee Brown !, hell yeah!



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