Saturday, March 04, 2006

As promised, red bull swagging, sparks ripping, scarf helicoptering, freaking, freaking, and more freaking. fist pumping, Shark screaming Yeah and What and then yelling at girls telling them they're hot. People dancing on couches, girls losing control..... ALLL THAT SON!!!

Thanks to FVK Crew, Mr. Andersonic for keeping up the hope that a focused baltimore and ghetto music party will bang.

Picture Proof

ill celebs in the house:

and the usual dirty sweaty antics of dirty down:

Next Friday:
House Party
Same crowd, same rowdiness, gulliness, helicopter swinging scarfs, b more, ghetto tech, and freaking behind the dj booth, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.:

Friday March 10th

Andy Pry
Drop The Lime
The Captain (Cut, Dirty Down)

maybe more

265 Mckibben St
Apt 7
Brooklyn, NY
L to montrose or J to flushing.


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