Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Knuckles Bonanza

- The etiquette of punctuality in regards to the internet a.k.a. if i'm bothering you then this must be time sensitive.
A big pet peeve of mine is when people don’t respond to e mails. Straight up. In this day and age when the internet has become more resourceful as a way of communication and almost carries more weight than cell phones in terms of how people want to reach you or how inconvenient it is, to me it’s basically a rude and personal attack to not respond to someone’s e mail message. Aside from personal e mails and the like, which are a different topic. The topic of business and things of that nature that I take part in, organizing events, dj gigs, etc. it’s pretty inconsiderate for people you know personally or through business to not get back to you. And I know we’ve all dealt with this at one time or another.
So stop the plague of internet rudeness and spread internet politeness with punctual responses, nice regards and give everyone a helping hand. Even if it is saying you can’t get back to them right away, but you will soon.
It makes a difference. Have a good day.

- This is what’s up early Thursday night. Please come through. Very important.

- We’re gonna bring Cut back in May, for sure. Check out the site, new pictures loaded, updates regularly if necessary, all that. But yeah, we're gonna do it real big. physically big. but not this Big

- Video Clip From Eric Prydz ‘Call on me’. Is this the new 'Satisfaction' ? Nah, not even close. Nothing’s come even close to the multitude of sexual explosion brought on by Satisfaction.

- Fader recap of Gravis and Turntable Lab Party, your boy creepin in for the photo op.

- Blu Jemz and Roger Yamaha 'Second Cousins'. Go Buy this.

- Shark and I are gonna go buy some fronts before we dip for this. Shark wants white gold top 6. I can't decide if i want gold or white gold. Nothing like spending money you don't have on shit you don't need.

- Happy Birthday to my hetero lifemate, Brad


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