Thursday, March 02, 2006

"bloG's up. hoe's down."

Excuse me for being so out of the loop for a minute.
i got a new part time job working here, helping with installations and such, so my time in front of a computer at work, went from 8 hours to zero. so when i get home after work i either scramble to respond to e mails and read sites and maybe fit in eating. or i do other things, etc etc. so a little less going on for this week on here, hopefully make some time to hit it up this weekend. definitely.

- Thank God, now I'm finally going to buy cable, or find someone with Showtime. Showtime Saves Arrested Development

- these Hollertronix remix LP's keep getting better! Just today i was like damn, why hasn't someone made a Hung Up baile funk remix. but, yo, this remix will do. and also, im sure there's a baile funk mix of Hung up, i just havent heard it yet.

- also, if you haven't read about it on a thousand other blerg's pages- Diplo's podcast... and a blerg is a 'blog nerd', duh.... i know, i know, kind of corny, im still working on it. blord? nerg? forget it!
Wig wam? alright!

- Speaking of online radio's check out Baltimore Clubtracks. Streaming live sets by DJ Technics.

-it's fucking Hammer time! Bookmarked!


Song of the Day:

Young Jeezy - Soul Survivor feat. Akon
Yeah I know I'm real late with this, but I seriously just didn't want to hear this guy based on all the hype of his record, plus that ridiculous snowman on all those shirts, posters and whatnot. But thanks to some local dude's mixtapes and such, i was fiending to hear some more, so i got my download on and been listening to some Young Jeezy on repeat. This song is good to listen to while you're walking around at night in the city with your hood up when its really cold and dark and you can act all hard, and then sneak into your nice warm apartment and be glad you don't really have to sling drugs on the street all day and night to survive. damn.

Wednesday night I got a chance to see my friend John's band Honeyhander play at the Delancey. They headlined the show, coming from Philly, NJ and Providence, the bands mad spread out in the area. i asked the singer what Honeyhander meant, and he told me his friend got a honeyhander in Amsterdam and it's the only thing in Amsterdam that is considered illegal. So I was like, cool, what is it? and he told me i had to go there to find out. So, anyone who's been to Amsterdam, what's a honeyhander?
The band also has ex members of hardcore bands such as The Farewell Order, A Trillion Barnacle Lapse and As the sun sets. which all funny to me since this band is really upbeat, articulate and dancey. but not in that metal way.
Besides that, the show was dope, great use of a roland 303, and some ill synths, as well as some well needed noise in the sense of new wave music. the dudes were so good, i got them to come play at Dirty Down on May 5th.
also scope em out on your favorite site.

- Thursday night, DJing with Star Eyes and Lady Base at Savalas in Brooklyn for Date Cake. It'll be my first time djing there, so im sure it'll be fun.

- and then Friday!, you know what's up!!!

Pictures from Galaxie on Saturday:


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