Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Sorry I'm late, I was blogging."

- Hustle and Flow is the Field of Dreams of our Time

I finally got a chance to watch this gem earlier this week, since i missed it in the theater and proper DVD release timing. Needless to say, it's dope, and if you haven't seen it, then you should, mang! There's a few obvious twists and turns. But in regards to America's growth in culture, or degression in the eyes of some, Hustle and Flow, the story of a pimp and an out of work music producer in the south breaking the boundaries of their own lives and creating some slamming hip hop, has become the new Field of Dreams. Hip hop and stardom have almost replaced the all american' go get em' dream that sports used to uphold. This pretty much gives full reign of encouragement to anyone from any kind of background to go out and go for their dream, nothing new really to be honest. but Hustle & Flow installs the thought, "hey if a pimp from the south can do it, anyone can" sure thing.
In comparison to another dreamer movie, you could possibly relate this to 8 mile. But i think I'd make 8 mile the Rocky of our time. For some reason that movie has Rocky written all over it, maybe it was the Detroit and Chicago comparison.
Either way, Hustle & Flow slays 8 Mile. Whoop that trick!

- This is what's going down tonight. if you don't know what's up, then i'm completely not surprised.

- Dope Pictures of an Abandoned amusement park. (thanks turntable lab)

- The best in thug wiggerdry, wig wams, and an array of links to busy your work day.

- Although their website isn't too illin, Enabler Network is keeping it live in 06:
3/16: Vitalic (live) - Citizen RecordsĀ 
3/18: Ellen Allien (DJ) - BPitch Ctrl, Black Strobe (live) - Output, Sleeparchive (live), & Nick AC
3/25: The Glimmers - K7! & FC Kahuna
4/01: Get Physical Records w/ Bookashade (live), M.A.N.D.Y. (DJ) & DJ T (DJ)
you can check out for related bloggery.

- This is what i've been listening to a lot lately.

Today's Song:

A- Town Players - Wassup! Wassup!

Nossa Nossa!


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