Friday, June 30, 2006

Damn, who turned the heat on?

- Dirty Down tonight!

- Pictures from Northern Neighbours INvade NYC:
It was a very hot, un-air conditioned night at The Hanger.

Rory Them Finest in the house, never not on his Blackberry. even in the mix.

Nick in the house

Paul Devro in the house.

My! Gay! Husband! in the house.

Pandemonium Jones in the house.

Huggs in the house.

Alexander Technique in the house.

more here

- Jason Marziotto's got a new music blog up, The Digital Self . He's got the ill connect to, he works for a good distributor and has many a european friends, so make sure you check it frequently for some mp3's and such you wont get anywhere else. He also djed last night with James Figurine / DNTel at Happy Ending for a release party/ magazine party. I was more impressed with Jason's set. James Figurine live djing, far too mellow.

- Original Vocoder from the 70's for sale on ebay. it's cool, it's only like $5,400.

Drop The Lime - Butterscotch
I think this is one of his best song's off of 'We Never Sleep'. Every song has it's own style, they all seem to stem from a different place in time for Luca Venezia, having rcorded the album in both Berlin and New York City, spaning less than a year i think. According to CMJ or some slandering magazine, Skyline Fantasy is a metal song. That's funny. Luca Venezia definitely goes from grime and dub step to a crooning crazed middle of the night ballad to night life and it's inhabiting creatures all the way to a funky strings incorporating dance jam. Though Butterscotch might not be the hypest or craziest song on the album, it definitely shows the biggest sign of maturity for Venezia as he strays from being a major player in breakcore in late 90's and early 00's to being able to straight up sing and make me feel like he's been doing that for years and years. Butterscotch is also one of those songs that puts that lump in your throat and makes you want to run through the streets of wherever you are, drive faster in your car ripping through a country side, speeding through city lights or even pushing harder and harder on your bike to get there, wherever that 'there' is for you.

The Futureheads - Skip To The End (Digitalism Remix)
I really dont like The Futureheads. In fact I can't stand the vocals on this song. But it's still a Digitalism remix, and it's still dope. so, here you are.

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (Frog's Baltimore Club Remix)
My friend Frog gave me this, and it's banging, so I'm gonna put it up and share it with y'all.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Northern Neighboours Invade NYC part 3

Wednesday June 28th

Northern Neighbours invade NYC Part 3

Rory Them Finest (The Skeletwinz, We Summer/ Toronto)
My!Gay!Husband! (TheKids, B.I.G., Vancouver)
Paul Devro (TheKids, B.I.G., MTHRFKR, Vancouver)
Nick Catchdubs (firedrill, NYC)

DJ and Host:
The Captain (Cut, Dirty Down, Mad Suspect)
The Hanger Bar
217 E 3rd St. bet. Ave. B + Ave. C
New York, NY

Monday, June 26, 2006

Mad, Mad World

MAD SUSPECT this past Saturday:

Ron Morelli in the house

more here

- WEDNESDAY - Party at Hanger Bar. Canucks invade NYC PART 3

Thursday, June 22, 2006


i have a new mix up
The Captain - Cobra Kai Party Mix Live from The Superman Plaza
dudes from Cobra Kai asked me to record a little something for them, so i did it up and here you go.
full of old bangers, new bangers, electro, bmore, house, and things i want to hear. it's a little rough here or there, its chunky and crunchy at parts and dirty. and its a little fun during most all parts, but either way, just enjoy it for what it is. it's hot out here, im cranky and sweaty. i did this in the afternoon dripping sweat.
SO, pass it along. blast it in your convertible. play it on the beach or your house party backyard rave. or tell someone to book me in sweden, amsterdam, tokyo, berlin or indonesia, cause nyc is pissing me off. and holler at me for a track listing.

- New mix by Unemployed Lloyd from Turntable Lab available here. Goooooooooooooood!

- This Saturday We're at Savalas. Ron Morelli joins us.

- This upcoming Wednesday and back More NORTHERN NEIGHBOURS INVASION! PART 3!

- Next Friday

- Love is all around you.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


It was another successful night of debauchery, crunk, sweat, dancing, Canadians, Sparks, making out, shirt waving, speaker thumping and hip hop and rave sing a longs at Dirty Down in the basement of Lit.
We never stop.

Peer Pressure in the house

Mad Canadians in the house!

Justin (Flood the Basement -Northampton, MA) in the house.

Rory Them Finest in the house

Laura Dawson in the house

Rok One of The Bangers in the house

Jillian Scudieri (Outdanced! / Avant Trill - Chicago) in the house

Keith Kozel (Superhorse - SAV) in the house

NIk at Nite from The Bangers in the house

more here
Peer Pressure pics here


- Tonight. Shot Out Saturday at Savalas for Jen from Cliktrax birthday