Thursday, August 31, 2006


Wed. August 23rd - Damaged Goods / Fit For Use - Charlotte, NC

more pictures here

Thurs. August 24th - Fever Dance Party - Savannah, GA

it's a little humid in the south.

T$ of Murmur Magazine

I got a shitload of energy drinks, but only got to drink like three and left the rest in Tadd's refrigerator to wait for my return.

Star Eyes in the South.

Reach Around in the mix.

more pictures here

Saturday August 26th - Mad Suspect - Brooklyn, NY

Hatchmatik in the mix!

A Rock in the mix!

Rob Hitt of Midtown in the house!

Nick The Dude in the house.

Peer Pressure in the house!

more pictures here

Hatchmatik's Pictures

- Friday at Lit - Dirty Down!!! Low Budget & Shark's Birthday! at Lit