Monday, June 25, 2007


Heyyyyy-ooohhhh. Been away from posting up some actual info. So, here's a ton!

-The trailer for Ten. New film by David Wain, director of one of my favorite movies ever.

- Nobody Cares About Your Blog. I was kidding with DTL one day, telling him I wanted to make a blog-diss shirt. "No one reads your blog". "My blog is better than your's", "Your URL tags are broken." Corny, funny stuff. but, looks like someone beat me to it.

- Nu Bloom Blog

- Me on the internet #84

- Trouble & Bass 10

- Brooklyn Radio has redesigned their site.

- The infamous track, re-titled as Pump Up NY, is now Available Digitally. Check out the link for more info.

- Starkey's remix of Lil Mama's 'No Music' is now up at Notes From a Different Kitchen Blog

- My favorite tech-metal-gore - grindcore bands, Alien Crucifixion will be releasing their debut 20 song lp, recorded in 2001, on Philadelphia based, Cerebral Spasm Records.


Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls (Sujinho Remix)
Sujihno of the Nossa Camp, hit me up with this track. Sujihno is known for his 'I Love Baile Funk' mixes. This production is all over the board, with a hyphy thump and that baile shake. Real Smooth. I don't know much about Sean Kingston, apparently this original is a big radio hit. and kid's only 16?!!!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just got back from a really fun trip to Providence, RI and Northampton, MA. I came home for our usual ruckus at Savalas. Check out some photos.

POP - Providence,RI

More from Providence here

Volt Skool - Northampton, MA

More pictures from Northampton here

Mad Suspect - Brooklyn, NY

More pictures from Mad Suspect here

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