Thursday, February 12, 2009

FEB 12th

These were some random photos I had kicking around.

- Last weekend I went to LA and DJed, Check out Photos at Trouble & Bass

- Death Prom is Friday Night!

- New stuff on In Your Closet NYC!

- My friend Ellen Stagg was on the cover on Time Out NY. There you go!

- I'm also in this months issue of Nylon Guys. Photographed by my friend Peggy Ann McDonnell.

- Jeffrey Kilmer shot my friend Francis for the Sang Bleu Blog.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009


- Monday was my birthday and Stephanies on Tuesday. We celebrated and watched the Superbowl on Sunday. Pretty fun birthday.

- I'll be in LA on Saturday for Trouble & Bass LA Invasion

- The Valentines Prom is on February Friday the 13th w/ DJ Craze and More!

- My computer was in the shop for a few weeks, so I'm behind on some photos and posting, etc. if you're having computer problems, I advise you never to take it to MIkey's Hook Up. They took far too long (over 2 weeks) and were dicking me around for over a week about when it would be ready. (No pro)

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