Saturday, July 29, 2006


Big mid week trip for me.
On Wednesday I went to Western Mass to get a car from my family and while I was up there I DJed for Flood The Basement.

more pictures here

After that, I got in my car and drove straight to Brooklyn to pick up Shark and Hovercraft aka Hoverboard aka Lovercraft aka Sirs Eats a Lot aka Sleepy Williams and then we drove straight to Richmond getting in around 11 am. Crashed out at a Holiday Inn, took a swim, ate some food and threw it down at the Nanci Raygun with the Cobra Kai dudes.

New Energy Drink!!! Justin from Flood The Basement actually mentioned this the night before so I had to pick it up. It was pretty good. It said all this crap about how it's gonna make you blast off, so we joked about that all night and it contained something new to me called Schizandra which sounds like a Schizophrenic person named Sandra, which didn't really sound appetizing, but it wasn't bad. Definitely drink it again. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

Dance at your own risk and Nazi Punks fuck off!

Cut photgrapher: H.P. Lovercraft

Nick the Dude

Krames in the house.

Drew from Fit For Use (Charlotte, SC)

it's really hot in Richmond. Shirts Off!

Fun Ass times!

more pictures here

And then we drove to Providence, Ri for a girls roller derby, and sat through 4 hours of traffic from NYC to New Haven in rain and once we got out of traffic and start moving, the derby bout was cancelled, as we were only an hour out of Providence. At one point in traffic, i was really freaking out. not enough sleep, coming down off of caffeine, in dire need of a bathroom. i wasn't looking too good. when we heard the bout was cancelled we immediately turned around and drove back to NYC.

Upshot. this is an actual shot, and tasted horribly bitter. i was thinking that it was basically just an energy drink without all the extra sweetener and carbonation, just the essentials. but i guess it worked. 4.5 out of 10.

Good to be back. Dirty Down Summer Tour in a week!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Thursday July 27th
Guest DJ:
The Captain & Shark
w/ Krames, Long Jawns, Billy When?

10 pm
@ Nanci Raygun
929 W. Grace St
Richmond, VA

- And then onto Roller Derby in Providence! BOOYA! Road trip Weekend! Pictures to come later!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

but love wouldn't let up.

The Captain - The Cordelia in Love Mix - 43:08

I threw this together last minute as a little gift for Cordelia. I'll be leaving town tomorrow to Northampton to stop by and maybe play Flood The Basement with my friends and then onto Richmond and Providence. So i thought it'd be a nice gift.
it's the ill summer time nostalgic party mix! Enjoy!

R. Kelly - Sex in the Kitchen
Ginuwine - Pony
Mary J. Blige - Be Without You
Aaliyah - Are you that Somebody?
Chef Raekwon - Ice Cream
PM Dawn - Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
Folk Implosion - Natural One
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)
The Whispers - Rock Steady
Bumblebee Unlimited - Ladybug (Disco Remix by Larry Levan)
Cover Girls - Show Me (Next Remix)
Company B - Fascinated
Exposé - Point of No Return
Stacey Q - Two of Hearts
Kylie Minogue - Love at First Sight
Madonna - Get Together
Annie - Heartbeat (Alan Braxe Remix)

- Tha Pumpsta revamped. with mp3 goodness!

- Flying Hawk Cam. Ill! ( Thanks Sneak Move)

- The Vader Sessionas. This is hilarious.

- Spike Lee style Jordans

Sunday, July 23, 2006

ROWDY ROWWW - Where the thug wizzards at?

Last nght was a little rowdy. we almost broke out into a fight, but decided to keep our heads straight, respect the venue we are at on a regular basis and in general, just keep our cool and keep things moving.
but it got close there for a second, it definitely ended up being one hell of a night.
big shouts to all the brooklyn thug wizzards for holding us down at Savalas. y'all deserve much love from us.

Jeru The Damaja in the house.

Love Brigade in the house.

- more photos