Thursday, February 16, 2006

You think you’re bad, I got diamond sneakers.

I must say this has been the best winter weather I have ever had living in the northeast in my entire life. We’ve had maybe 3 snowstorms, maybe 4. one was on Thanksgiving, some rain here and there. But having these fall coat type days in January and February, you can’t beat that. I’m looking forward to spring, like you don’t even know. Gonna be riding my bike all over the place.

- Night WatchI’m on this free movie kick lately, this movie is playing tonight for free. Says it’s the first installment of a trilogy. Looks kind of great in that bad ass way, or bad way. Like on some Highlander meets Blade Runner meets Underworld type shit. Also a dope look having M83 in your trailer. It’s playing tonight around 8 for free, but I can’t make it, I’m going to go to >this instead. BLU JEMZ, holler!

- Dirty Down this Friday night.
Disorganised Crew up in the house. We also got a shout out in The Fader blog.
Speaking of The Fader, in the recent issue with Baby Cham / Destroyer on the cover, your boy The Captain drops some jems on em in the ‘Jedi Mind Picks’ section. Get at it at newsstands near you. movin on up!

- The death of 2k1
This is a little late, but let’s say that the era of 2k1-ery has not ended, not even close. 2k1 is a reference to 2001, duh, that Shark and I use to describe someone’s style that looks like they’re stuck in the year 2001. This style is focused on the look of alternative, hardcore, post hardcore, punk, post punk and scene kids back in 2001. The fads are all there; black hair, emo, chugga metal, facial piercings, dyed hair, tight jeans, tight band t shirts, fake mod, stripes, creepers, studded belts, band patches, worn out Con's, colored handkerchiefs, so on and so on. I see too many kids rocking this look still that it almost makes me grossed out, kind of hypocritical I suppose, I used to be well endowed in the 2k1 look… but back in 2k, 2k1, of course. So, if you know of someone or you see someone still rocking the 2k1, let em know. yo bro, that shit was 5 years ago, you can’t rock a style from a quarter a decade ago.
a. you’ve been on that tip too long, time to grow up.
b. the revival isn’t even here yet, that won’t happen until like 2020, and when that year comes that’ll be post Second Odyssey, so don’t even plan on that happening.
And 3. everything that your look is based around, the music, the scene, the community has crumbled and everyone but you agrees as well.
Shit’s mad emberassing. do you want me to tell your mom what you spend her money on?

- Go yellow Invest in Corn.

- Pictures from last Friday at Galaxie.

- I need to throw a pool party at Hotel QT. who's down?


Anonymous Nick said...

I been done a pool party at QT. Shit's crazy. Totally down for another. Lemme know.

5:02 PM, February 16, 2006  
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