Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The new Village Voice hit the streets last night, and guess who’s on the cover? None other than my girl Princess Superstar. (ill cover photo too) The cover story by Tricia Romano, titled ‘Celebrity Spin’ focuses on the recent fad of band members and rock stars djing vs. real dj’s who can beat match, with a lot of mentions of the Misshapes party. The article is well versed and has very notable references and touches on notations of beef between dj’s, rock stars, parties, etc. but always seems to basically say, “oh this is shit about them… but they’re such nice people”, except for the GBH diss. The article tip toes around the topic of calling everyone out while still maintaining journalistic integrity and keeping face. I could see a lot of people seeing this as a diss piece, but to me, it’s honest reporting.
NYC seems like it’s in a constant battle between DJ Focused nights and rock star and band dj nights. These are two different worlds that blend at times between the kids who just want to party and the kids who just want to hear a really good live set. Sometimes everyone’s lucky enough for these two worlds to come together. But most of the time you’ll find the DJ friendly crowd scoffing at the other and then it’s like a high school dance where the kids are separated and both sides are against the wall. There’s definitely a slew of bars I refuse to go to based on the fact that they support Ipod DJ’s, non mixing DJ’s and the like, but it’s mostly about how I don’t want to go to a bar and hear the same shit rock music over and over again on a nightly basis.

For me this has been an old topic, nothing shocking in this article. I think this article is an informative piece for the masses. It’s nice to have someone like Tricia saying it like it is to all of NYC. But the reality is, do you think the people who don’t know what’s up really care? Probably not. But that’s what it’s all about, I guess. Gotta keep on trying, or people are gonna keep wanting to hear ‘rock the casbah’ every night for the rest of their night life lives.
On a side note and to all of the Misshapes nods in the article. Alex and I give Junior Sanchez a lot of shit for djing Misshapes all the time, “Yo, do they let you beat match kid?
“Shut up guys it’s all about the party, that doesn’t matter.”
Yeah I guess djing for some high school and NYU kids at some fag jam is a party. Our bad.
Junior also said to me, “Yo, you still use vinyl?”

- Speaking of fag jams, Tricia also wrote a funny article about Scenic and how they’re closing for renovations. Some of the investors have sold their shares because they’re not happy with how gay the club has gotten.

- Hot Chip live on March 11th at Bowery Ballroom. Unless I’m in Savannah for the release party of Murmur Mag I’ll be at that show.

- Mikes Jones, you mean Donatello?
and this is nothing short of amazing as well – Young Jeezy makes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles go cray-zay (Thanks Turntable Lab Blog)

Last night, Valentines Day parties were bumpin in the lower east side. I got to make it out to like 4 of them. Typical Tuesday I suppose.

Valentines Day Hit Mix coming tonight, late on the ftp uploadery.


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