Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Island music always gets em moving"

Sunday night, Mass NYC was all up in Cielo. Being from Massachusetts, it's hard for me to say Mass NYC without thinking, 'Massachusetts NYC', as if me and the state I'm from had some kind of weird take over. But, that's just me.
Anyways, Cosmo Baker is my new hero. Diplo killed it, like he always does. But, I just got a lotta love for Cosmo Baker. He keeps me on my toes.

I think Philly was in the house.

These dudes cracked me up. Grillz not visible, but present.

new hair cut, shaven face. i look like a little boy. all for a new job. Benefits!

Thanks dudes, dope party.

- I finally saw the video for this when I was shopping in the city today. I stopped and watched the whole thing and then shed a tear, for many reasons. " R.I.P. Camouflage out in Savannah".
Speaking of Savannah, more pictures from there here. Man, what a good ass time.

- Before Canada, we're going to be playing at Flood The Basement in Northampton, MA. Western Mass, where you at?

- Me and Shark are also doing a new monthly at Savalas. Saturday April 15th. hopefully adding to the already amazing DJ roster they have going on there. flyer, roster, sponsors and all details coming within a day or so. stay tuned

- Tomorrow: Dental Bloggery: The Captain and Shark get fronts


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